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The Phoenix Has Risen!


Well as you can see, despite the weather, after 6 weeks of hard work, my website is back up and running! What better to do in this lovely weather! The old site was so seriously infected with malware that we had to start again. Hours of loading items and pages onto the new site. Do have a little browse. Meanwhile, here’s a flavour of our life at the moment.

We are well and truly iced in with more snow to come apparently. But don’t worry (as if you would) we have lots of coal and wood for the stove, which is kept burning all night too. The heating, which runs off a deisel Webasto, is keeping the radiators nice and warm and we’ve managed to rise the morning temparature of 11C to around 20C now.

I did find myself wondering, when I was lying in bed listening to the ice freezing round the boat, at what point the water in the tank freezes. The ice was making such a lot of noise I had to resort to putting my earplugs in! Our little black cat Luna, spent the night under the blanket over our quilt, instead of in front of the fire. So I guess it was cold during the night!


My website has a fabulous new look now. I’m still putting my newer pieces on, as they didn’t survive the crash. I have also been working on improving my photography. I shall be using a beech faced board as well as the piece of slate seen in the pictures, instead of a white background. Hopefully this will keep a more consistent background colour.

Don’t forget, all my prices include secure delivery postage. If you like anything, I’m only a short walk away from the post office. Just give me a little time to get there after making your piece.

Next week we’re in the Dry Dock in Newbury for blacking. More about that afterwards. Wish us luck breaking half a mile through the ice, to the river section which isn’t frozen.


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