Montana Agate Necklace. ‘Mountain Skies’



The last row left!
Beautiful translucent Montana Agate ovals now made into a necklace for you.

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I just had to buy these lovely graduated shapes of Montana Agate for a necklace.
Approximate size of each piece is 30x25mm to 45x25mm. Montana Agate is a translucent Agate with splashes of brown, beige, grey and orange. Their patterns and translucency make a very unusual 18″ necklace. Joined with a satin finished silver double ring clasp or clasp of your choice.

The dark brown splashes are called acicular (meaning needlelike) inclusions, caused by other minerals forming slower than the agate and becoming trapped as it forms.

Do see the pictures of the bead strand now made into a necklace for you.
I only have one strand of these left!!

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Beige, Brown, Cream, Grey