Freshwater Pearl and Labradorite Bracelet. “Wild Allium”


A white Freshwater Pearl and Labradorite Bracelet.

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Have you seen all the wild garlic on the stream banks in the spring? All white and green.
A white Freshwater Pearl handmade bracelet, with little cluster charms of teardrop Labradorite and Pearls. Threaded on silk for durability onto a silver carabiner clasp. Standard length 7.5″.

What is Labradorite I hear you ask? Well, it mainly comes from Labrador in Canada. It’s from a family of gemstones called Feldspar, Moonstone is part of that family too.
The blue flash of colour through the greenish grey body colour is called iridescence or play of colour. It’s an effect similar to oil on water, caused by interference of light on thin layers of the gemstone internal layers.

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