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Red Bamboo Coral Necklace “Barberry”


Barberry, bright red berries. Wonderful red and cream Coral Necklace

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Red Bamboo Coral Necklace “Barberry”,
Vibrant handmade beaded necklace of red Bamboo Coral and beige Fossilised Coral rectangles. Lovely amazing natural patterns in the fossil coral. Threaded by hand on beading wire with beige cord around the back, on a silver carabiner clasp. Total length 21″. This could be extended on request.

The bamboo coral is only harvested from sustainable sources that are not live. Dyed red with a permanent fixed dye. The fossil coral is only cut and polished from it’s natural form.

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Beige, Cream, Red


Fossilised Coral, Bamboo Coral