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A Pleasant Weekend

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Blue Lava bead earrings £20

We met lots of interesting people this weekend in Stansted Abbots. Gave an impromptu tour of the boat to a biker couple who are buying a boat soon! Glad I’d put the washing away! Chatted to boaters, locals and visitors. Good luck to those of you who are changing the direction of your lives. My motto is ‘Do it while you can’.

If you saw a piece that you liked and can’t find it on my website, please do email me to ask if I still have it. Not everything makes it onto the site and some pieces are made specially for my boat shop.

Many of you mentioned buying from me for Christmas (is it that time already?!) Please bear in mind most items are made to order, so try to give me enough time. I need a minimum of a week depending on how near we are to a post office.

Our next stop is probably Broxbourne, where I was born on a 40ft narrow boat a few moons ago!

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